22 Sep

driest year in a long time they say…

driest year in a long time they say. lost some trees. no prickly pears this year. figs shriveled on the tree. mimosas got almost wiped out. the well-adapted-to-drought stand out in the landscape though, the oaks, the eucalyptus, the pines, the citrus. #heartandsoilfb #portugal #desertfarming #farming #iberiancuts
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One thought on “driest year in a long time they say…

  1. Kudos to you for trying to restore an old Portuguese farm, this is really great!Today I came across two terms xeriscaping and hardscaping, which I think would be ideal for your farm that is located in dry region. Xeriscaping is about using those plants which survive on water that they get from the nature and hardscaping is about building wooden and stone structure to enhance the landscape.

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