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Citrus x 8 | Heart and Soil
11 Sep

Citrus x 8

Berlin has an amazing botanical garden and greenhouse. Its well worth a visit. Twice a year there is a huge plant sale. Nurseries from all over Germany sell everything from herbs to bulbs to trees. We picked up 8 baby citruses that will be planted this fall. Right now they are chilling on my balcony in Berlin, dreaming of sandy portuguese loam.

Here are the varieties we found, all of which will be planted on a couple of large terraces that already have mature citrus on it, mostly different orange varieties.


01 blood orange
Citrus sinensis moro (Blood Orange)
Moro blood orange is the more common of the pigmented oranges. It is of relatively recent origin and is believed to be of Sicilian ancestry. The fruit matures early but also preserves well on the tree if not picked. Moro is the most highly-colored of the blood oranges, owing its distinctive flesh color and rind blush to the presence of anthocyanin, the same pigment that colors purple grapes.


02 vanilla orange
Citrus sinensis vanille (Vanilla Orange)
A sweet orange with less acidity and supposedly a slight vanilla taste in the fruit and smell in the flowers. Few seeds and low sugar content, but still a nice sweet taste because of the low acid content.


03 bitter orange
Citrus aurantium myrthifolia (Bitter Orange)
A bitter orange variety good for making marmelade.



04 otaheite redlime
Citrus limonia Otaheite (Tahitian Orange)
Otaheite lime is considered an acidless, sweet form of the Rangpur lime and a dwarf variety. It is almost thornless and the purple coloration on the new shoot growth is more intense. The fruit is insipidly sweet from lack of acid. The Otaheite lime is thought to have originated in India. The tree blossoms beautifully in winter. The flowers are tinted purple on the outside and have a fresh and agreeable scent. Especially when grown in containers the tree sometimes bears flowers and fruit simultaneously at Christmas time.


05 pursha lime
Citrus pursha
A sweet lime variety, or so it is thought. It looks like a lemon but is much sweeter, like an orange. Thought to originate in Asia. The rind barely adheres to the flesh. It flowers vigorously from April to November, while also bearing fruit. Pleasant sour juice good for cocktails or lemonade.



06 yenben lemon
Citrus limon Yen Ben
Lisbon type lemon that has high juice content that is maintained during long-term storage. Yen Ben lemon produces fruit with smooth textured, thin rind, low seed numbers, usually averaging around two seeds per fruit.


07 florentina lemon
Citrus limon Florentina
A lemon tree which flowers and fruits year-round. The lemon fruits themselves are pale yellow, fairly elongated in shape and very juicy.



08 paradisi grapefruit
Citrus paradisi
Originally thought to be a spontaneous sport of the pomelo, grapefruit is now believed to be an accidental hybrid between sweet orange (Citrus sinensis) and pomelo (C. maxima). Interestingly, sweet orange is also believed to be a hybrid between pomelo and mandarin orange (Citrus reticulata).


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